Scottish Country Dancing  in St Neots, Cambridgeshire

What is it?
- What you may have already done at the Junior School Ceilidh or Barn Dance
- Similar to English Country Dancing
- A mixture of energetic dances for those who are young and fit, and slower dances for those who are not!
- More fun than aerobics!
- Easy to learn, complete beginners are welcome
- Informal and sociable

What is it NOT?
- We don't dance on swords (that is Highland Dancing)
- It's not competitive (that is also Highland Dancing)
- You don't have to be Scottish (we have English, Dutch, French and Spanish members too)

- We don't wear kilts (but flat shoes are a good idea).
- You don't need to be fit (but if you want a gradual introduction to some entertaining exercise, this is it)
- You don't need to bring a partner, we all dance with each other, but the more the merrier, so if you bring your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend (or all three) so much the better.

The St Neots Scottish Country Dance Club meets at Eynesbury C of E Primary School, Montague St, Eynesbury, St Neots, Cambridgeshire nearly every Monday night in school term at 7.30pm.

Click here for a map.

Both complete beginners and experienced dancers are welcome, with or without partners. We are very relaxed and friendly and the emphasis is on having fun, not on being formal.  We dress casually and have a teabreak at half time. Everybody dances with everybody so coming on your own is not a problem.

Call Barbara on 01480-473560 for more information.  

To find the words to our dance for 7 couples, Black Black Fen, click here